Karamo Brown, 38, found out he was a father in an unconventional way. In the reality star's upcoming memoir, Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing and Hope, he shared the details of learning he had a 10-year-old son, Jason, in 2006.

In an excerpt from the book provided to People, Brown recalled discovering a letter sent to his Los Angeles home requesting $230,000 in back child support.

“On the front page was ‘Texas Attorney General’s Office.’ The second page read, ‘Subpoena for Back Child Support,’” the Queer Eye culture expert remembered. “I thought, Ashton Kutcher is inside my house. I’m getting punked!”


He soon realized his high school friend Stephanie Brooks, who he slept it once at 15, was the mother of the boy. Brooks never told Brown she was pregnant, but a paternity test confirmed he was Jason's father.

When father and son met, Brown was nervous to meet the young boy because after his stint on MTV's Real World: Philadelphia, he was using ecstasy and cocaine. His sister allowed him to get clean at her home before meeting his son, according to Page Six.

The 38-year-old recounted his first meeting with Jason:

“[His mother] called, ‘Jason! Come out here! Your dad’s here,'” he wrote. “Jason slowly walked around the corner. There’s something about the first moment of seeing your child. All the pieces of me that I felt were missing got sewn up the minute I saw his face. I looked at this little fourth-grade boy, and I thought, I can do this.”

After spending time with his son, the TV personality moved to Texas to become a dad. Brooks granted Brown custody of Jason thereater. He eventually also began taking care of his son's younger brother, Christian.

Brown and his boys, who are now 22 and 18, are often spotted on red carpets together.

Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing and Hope goes on sale March 5. Queer Eye Season Three will air on Netflix beginning March 15.