Karamo Brown of Netflix’s Queer Eye said people should stop telling little girls that boys pick on them because they like them. On Saturday, the culture expert shared his criticism after overhearing the old advice being given to a child.

“I just heard this mother tell her daughter that the boy who is picking on her in school is only picking on her because he likes her,” Brown said. “That is the wrong thing to teach our children. As a culture, we should never be telling our little girls that if someone is treating you bad, that if they are being emotionally abusive, that if they are being disrespectful, that that somehow equates to love because it does not.”

“We got to do better than that,” the reality tv star proclaimed.

Brown wants people to be more mindful of the things that we are teaching children. “At no point should that little girl think that someone being mean to her is a form of love,” he said.

“And if someone in your life is being disrespectful to you, being mean to you, saying rude things, it’s not because they like you. It’s because they have insecurities and they’re projecting them onto you, and you don’t deserve that.”

Watch the full video below.