The LGBTQ+ rapper Kidd Kenn rose to fame by freestyling over beats from artists such as G Herbo, FGB Duck and the late King Von. At 16 years old, he was signed to Island records. After collaborating with Queen Key and drill rapper Katie Got Bandz, he released his first EP Childish.

Kidd Kenn defies the stereotype that a male rapper has to be straight and hood, and rap only about guns, drugs and women all day. He spits bars that appeal to both gay men and women on topics dating men, looking cute and rocking the latest swag. 

In a time in music in which we have LGBTQ+ rappers breaking down barriers such as Lil Nas X and Saucy Santana , whom Kenn has collaborated with, Kidd Kenn is in good company. Like the aforementioned entertainers, he pushes back on the narrative on what is considered masculine or feminine by stepping out on the scene with nothing less than a full beat.

Below, we talk to the out and proud hip hop star about some of his favorite beauty products. 

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