The lawyers for the family of Kendrick Johnson held an impromptu media conference Thursday in response to hours-long surveillance video released from the high school gym where the 17-year-old was found dead.

Attorneys Benjamin Crump and Chevene King said they are concerned the newly-released footage contains suspicious edits, blurry images and no time or date lines to help determine the sequence of events. Though, Lt. Stryde Jones with the Lowndes County sheriff’s office said time stamps were only visible on the school district’s server, not on any copies of the videos.

Still, King said given the “roadblocks” they have encountered they are concerned the case is starting to look like a cover up. “When does a coincidence stop being a coincidence?” “What we have been given is awfully suspect and deserves the utmost scrutiny,” he told theGrio.

There were more than 30 cameras inside and outside the gym of Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia, where the body of Johnson was discovered. But the new video does not provide any obvious clues as to how he got into the rolled-up wrestling mat. “Why it is the one camera that shows the mat is blurry and out of focus?” asked Crump. “Why is it that they give us 1900 hours of video and no time stamps to give us any context?”