As a beacon of creativity, Questlove is a bestselling author, cultural icon, and in-demand musician with a packed schedule. His lists of achievements is quite long, including a recent Oscar nomination for Best Original Documentary. Whenever he reaches a new milestone, he takes a moment to reflect and enjoy a delicious cocktail. His current favorite, named the Electric Honey, is a slightly spicy drink made for slow sipping, which he enjoys during quiet nights at home. We nabbed the recipe so you can join in on the celebrations.

Electric Honey

2 parts The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year single malt Scotch whisky

½ part Honey Syrup*

½ part Chilled Coffee

Sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper

*To make the honey syrup: Mix 3 parts honey with 1 part hot water. Let cool before using.

Image: courtesy of The Balvenie

In partnership with The Balvenie, Questlove launched Quest for Craft a new digital series, which he hosts, centered around compelling conversations with other creative minds including SNL comedian Michael Che, award-winning producer Jimmy Jam, rock icon Patti Smith, and prolific author Malcolm Gladwell; over a great drinks of course. Season two of the show is set to start filming soon.