Things continue to take a turn for the absurd as Florida's very own Quran burning pastor, Rev. Terry Jones, will be marching in solidarity today for George Zimmerman. The planned show of support will happen at the University of Florida, according to a spokesperson for the Dove World Outreach Center, where the good Rev. Jones preaches the "Loving Word of Our Only True God". Coincidentally, there is another march in support of efforts to obtain justice for Trayvon Martin, scheduled to being at about 5pm today at the campus of the University of Florida.

However, Jones and his ilk are presumably hoping to conduct a counter-demonstration. A few years ago, Jones made national (and potentially global) news when he threatened to burn 1,000 copies of the Quran on September 11th. While he did call the event off, he still went ahead and burned the religious text anyway, sparking an international incident which left seven U.N. members dead. Jones, who also carries a pistol for protection, "will be there to advocate for George Zimmerman's Constitutional rights," says Fran Ingram of the Dove World Outreach.

At this point, we're wondering when the National Guard will be on standby.