Singer and songwriter R. Kelly has reportedly announced that he will be tapping back into his explicit side this year. In a recent phone interview, the R&B artist spoke about his departure from the more sexual tracks that he had built his career on in order to show depth, but assured his fans that he would be making a return to that sound soon with his upcoming album. "The name of my next album is `Black Panties' – that's my next `12 Play,'" he told a reporter. "I'm going to have some fun on it."

He also revealed his plans for his upcoming fall North American tour titled "Single Ladies," during which he intents to make a few love connections similar to the popular game show "The Dating Game." "We really want the single ladies up there, and where guys know there's single ladies, they're going to be in the mix, because they're looking for a woman," he said. "Trapped in the Closet" fans can also breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Kelly and team have already begun filming the scenes to the next chapters in his hometown Chicago. 

"Everybody remembers when Chuck was in the hospital, and ever since then, people have been asking me of course, `What is the package, what is the package?' And that's what these chapters are about, is leading you up into what the package is going to be," he said. This news is sure to make the twelve people still checking for R. Kelly rejoice.