Carey Kelly, who was featured in recent Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, is the younger brother of the R&B singer. During the series, it was revealed that both Carey and the “My Body’s Callin’” crooner were molested as children, though they didn’t reveal their abuser.

During an interview with Taska K of Unwine With Tasha, Carey opened up about their molestation, saying their older sister, Theresa Kelly, sexually abused Carey and Robert when she was 16 and they were 6 and 10, respectively. Carey said his sister grabbed his head as a child and forced him to perform sexual favors.

Carey also said Theresa allowed eldest brother, Bruce, to play outside when he wanted. Carey and Robert, however, were forced to stay inside with her one at a time “strategically,” so that she could sexually abuse them. While Carey wasn’t present when Robert was abused, he believes Robert experienced the same molestation. The difference, however, is that he believes the future R&B star enjoyed it.

“Robert, I believe, mentioned it to Bruce, our older brother, and I overheard it … he was bragging about, ‘I’m not a virgin no more.’ For him, it was like a rush … I think he enjoyed it, and I think that’s another reason they got along after the fact.”

According to Carey, Theresa grew up to be a self-proclaimed “woman of God,” leading her to shun Carey and Bruce as sinners. She has attended several of R. Kelly’s shows, however, with her pastor and congregation in tow. She ultimately moved to Aurora, Illinois, about an hour outside of Chicago.

The abuse went on for six years; Carey said he never told their mother about the incidents before she passed away. Watch the full interview below.