It looks like Andrea Kelly isn’t the only one who had a problem with R. Kelly’s latest song, ”I Admit.” His brother Carey “Killa” Kelly has now responded to lyrics within the confessional accusing him of turning his back on the R&B star.

Kelly accuses his siblings of abandoning him on the 19-minute track:

“I admit I miss my brothers (brothers) But I admit they weren’t acting like brothers/ Yeah, we’ve had our differences/But you don’t turn on your brother/For nothing, for no one, nada/Mama, Joanne, is watching /She must be turning over in her grave.”

Killa fires back on rebuttal, “I Confess,” where he accuses the crooner of giving women STDs, an accusation consistent with a lawsuit filed against the singer this April.

“You see me, you get scared/you call the police/ You gave them females some crazy disease/ want you to know Momma not pleased.”

Listen to the track below.

The Kelly brothers have been at odds for years, as the Grammy-winner’s attorneys once implied Carey was the one featured in the infamous “golden shower” sex tape, according to Entertainment Weekly. 

Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly responded as well, calling the singer an abusive deadbeat in her own “remix” of the song, posted on Instagram.

THE REMIX: Admit it Admit it Admit it Your mama IS watching over you And rolling over in her grave because of the ABUSIVE things you do You say she’s looking down from heaven So there’s nothing she didn’t see Which means she saw you BEAT me from heaven and neglect her grand babies……Admit it Admit it Admit it Your children you don’t see Because you treat them like your fans And not your flesh and blood, please Being a dead beat dad is a conscious choice You could face time w them EVERYDAY they’d SEE your face and HEAR your voice,so….. Admit it Admit it Admit it Then go get some professional help Own the pain that you’ve inflicted on others’ All by yourself Even though you can’t read or write it didn’t stop you from making hit songs But you don’t have to read or write to know Domestic Violence is wrong, so…. Admit it Admit it Admit it Your past is not is an excuse Just because you were abused doesn’t mean you get to ABUSE….. Admit it Admit it Admit it Cause the TRUTH will set you free Nothing good is gonna come to you UNTIL YOU DO RIGHT BY ME. #domesticviolenceawareness #survivor #free #truth #speak @theshaderoom @tmz_tv @thejasminebrand_ @balleralert @bet @people @billboard @theviewabc @wendyshow @iamsteveharveytv @johnlegend @theellenshow @ncadv

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