After living in silence for years, Andrea Kelly has shared her truth, detailing the abuse she allegedly endured at the hands of ex-husband, R. Kelly. While some, including myself, were moved by her revelations, die-hard fans of the Pied Piper have come out against the actress and dancer, believing she’s simply riding the wave of accusations Kelly has faced as of late.

The former Mrs. Kelly has addressed her naysayers via Instagram, saying those who choose to victim shame her will not stop her from exposing the truth about the Grammy winning songwriter.

“First I’d like to say thank you to all my #DREAmers and those who support me on this journey. To the ones that come on my page to spew venom and #victimshame You are by far the biggest supporter of my abuser,” Kelly captioned the post. “By you shaming me and any other victims you’re helping the abuser accomplish their task of belittling, intimidating, and discounting all the abuse they’ve put the #victim and #victims through! PERIOD!”


Kelly admits that all the negative feedback almost stopped her from continuing to share her story, but she refuses to be intimidated.

“I almost allowed you and your hate to overshadow all the LOVE AND SUPPORT I RECEIVE. But you WILL NOT stop me from saving lives and giving hope to those who are where I was. I AM A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS! I am a #SURVIVOR OF SEXUAL ABUSE *EMOTIONAL ABUSE* PHYSICAL ABUSE *ECONOMIC ABUSE at the hands of my EX husband.”

She also addresses those who ask why she waited so long to speak up.

“You trolls pass judgment and say that I never spoke of it before now but clearly you have not been following me or my journey if you look on my Instagram you see where I HAVE POSTED several times about being a survivor of domestic violence. Just because your curiosity wasn’t satisfied DOESN’T MEAN my HORROR WASN’T REAL….like for real F*CK YOU AND HIM!”

See the post and read the full caption below.