A Philadelphia baby was dragged from her bed and brutally attacked by a raccoon.

Devastating pictures show 4-month-old Jourini Black with a bloodied face and numerous gashes from the Wednesday night attack. Fox29 reports the child was rushed to Temple University hospital and later transported to St. Christopher Hospital where she would get 65 stitches.

Black’s mother Ashley Rodgers said after briefly leaving the baby’s room to take her 6-year-old son to the bathroom, she returned to a nightmare.

“She was laying on the floor— across the room —  blood all over her face and her PJs,” she said in an interview with Fox29.

The infant’s father Samuel Black believes Rodgers’ landlord is to blame for the raccoon being able to infiltrate the residence. On Thursday morning, he told the news outlet the building’s owner Jihad Simpson never informed Rodgers of the building’s rodent issues.

According to CBS 3, the landlord never obtained a license to rent out units in the building. Neighbors said there is a heavy raccoon presence in the area.

“I thought it was a nightmare when I heard over the phone,” he said. “My heart dropped. I didn’t know what to say, what to think.”

Rodgers and her children just moved into the apartment on Tuesday. Black said his daughter is healing and has been in good spirits. Both parents plan on seeking justice for their daughter.