Like some sort of cultural fungus, former NAACP Spokane, Wash. President-turned-outed-White-woman Rachel Dolezal just won’t go away. We just heard from the new mom when she hit the publicity trail to (again) talk about pretending to be a Black woman while hawking a book about race.  She talked to outlets, including the Today Show and the BBC,  making it clear she was still clinging to the notion that she was Black solely because she identifies as such.

This, despite the fact that she isn’t Black at all. And by “not at all” I mean not even one drop rule Black.

It would be easy to ignore Dolezal if she quietly rode off into the white hot sunset, but she clearly refuses. Despite the fact that she should be last year’s hashtag, Dolezal continues to worm her way into social media discussions because she absolutely doubles down on Black ish.

Case in point? The address for her brand new personal website is So in case you had any doubts about her fake ethnicity, she has given us all a handy dandy reminder that she wanna be down with so bad she bought the damn domain.

The other “I’M REALLY BLACK, GUYS,” moment is her latest hairstyle. We all know homegirl has a thing for quick weaves and Janet Jackson braids, but now that she has a new bundle of joy on her hands, Dolezal is on a new wave: Rasta Rachel.

And no, I don’t stalk her Instagram page, but after fellow writer Zeba Blay shared a snap of Dolezal’s new hair on Twitter, I just couldn’t look away.

Listen, Dolezal is entitled to live her life, but why do we all have to be a party to it? It’s one thing to get caught up in a lie, apologize, feel contrite, and move one. But it’s quite another to do what Dolezal’s been doing. Thus far she has not only pretended to be a Black women and leveraged her faux-Blackness to get actual and factual positions and props, but when she got busted, Dolezal basked in the privilege of being a White woman who identifies as Black and snapped back about her life defending the community she lied to for years.

If Dolezal wants to continue to be an activist, writer, or professor, then cool, please proceed madame.

But leave the Marley twists, self-tanner, and 1B yakky alone. Cool?