A fatal stabbing that claimed the life of a man in New York City on Monday was racially motivated, according to a confession made by the attacker himself, according to reports.

The New York Daily News reports the unnamed 28-year-old man is a White supremacist who came from Baltimore to New York to kill African-Americans. He was spurred to violence, the paper says that he told cops, by Black men who become involved with White women. He surrendered to police around midnight Tuesday, telling them “You need to arrest me, I’ve got the knife in my coat.”

The attacker killed Timothy Caughman, 66, who is Black, several times in the chest and back after an argument. He staggered into an NYPD substation nearby and collapsed. Emergency responders rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police released a video showing the man believed to be the attacker running from the scene of the stabbing, along with a photo.

WABC-TV reports two knives were found on the man and detectives believe he has racist sentiments and are checking out his background. He was being questioned by police.

An NYPD spokesperson told EBONY it had no immediate details about the attack being racially motivated.