Everyone has been buzzing about the Black family on Ralph Lauren’s home page for various reasons. Besides the family being African-American and the face of the brand’s online holiday shopping ad, their melanin is popping and they are wearing their hair as it grows from their scalps…naturally that is.

The interwebs are praising the designer for his steps towards diversity and inclusion. On top of featuring people of color, Lauren chose to highlight a Black family with a mother and father, which is not something seen often in the media.



While we may be thinking that Lauren is breaking norms by highlighting people of color, he is no rookie to this game. He did exclusively sign Tyson Beckford to represent his brand back in the 1990s, which set Beckford’s career over the top. Not to mention Chris Collins, a recent graduate at the time, scheduled to attend medical school. Collins was introduced to photographer Richard Phibbs, who worked frequently with Lauren, and has been representing Lauren’s campaign for nearly two decades now.

Some folks are excited about the Black feature, while others…not so much.


Regardless of how people feel, the photo is beautiful. The image is a positive depiction of a healthy and happy Black family, which is not seen as much as it should be.

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