The world continues to honor and celebrate hip hop, a genre and culture that has had an astronomical impact on society for the last 50 years. When it comes to the emcees that have left lasting impressions with their lyricism and flow, one would be hard press to not find Atlanta duo Outkast on most Top 20 rankings. Although it's been some time since the group released an album—mostly in part to Andre 3000 choosing to step away for a while—the group's other half, Big Boi, is still making it known that the South has something to say.

Born Antwan Patton, the ATL rapper was recently honored for his contributions not only to his hometown, but also to the music world. On August 11, 2023—also the official 50th birthday of hip hop— a group composed of Dona Mathews, Zoe Baker and iHeart radio’s DJ Loui Vee along with city and county wide officials and dignitaries gathered to give Big Boi his long overdue flowers as a founding member of the iconic hip hop duo.

Now August 11 is also officially known as Antwan ‘Big Boi’ Patton day in Atlanta, an observation penned by the Honorable Natalie Hall who ushered in this proclamation providing commendable support to the entire process.

The celebration, aptly titled "ATL Loves Hip Hop," brought out some of the area's best and brightest. Big Boi was joined by fans and 30 members of his family, with his mother by his side beaming with pride as he spoke passionately about the sacrifices his mother made for his ultimate greatness.

Rapper Big Boi and his mother after being presented with his proclamation. Image: Ty Pleas.