E-40, the legendary rapper and business mogul, is well known for being an advocate for his community. During this time of extreme alert, as tens of thousands of Californians face Covid-19 infection, E-40 is serving some of our most vulnerable citizens. He’s manufacturing and donating 1000 gallons of hand sanitizer to San Quentin State Prison and the Federal Correction Institution in Lompoc, CA to support relief efforts amid the current health pandemic.

The excessive spread of Covid-19 among the incarcerated has been concerning, and propelled the West Coast rapper to take action. After learning that more than 900 inmates had tested positive for the virus at the USP facility in Lompoc, he was inspired to assist his home state of California. “People who were sentenced to prison time weren’t sentenced to death by Covid-19,” notes the Bay-area rapper.

E-40’s commitment to his community goes far beyond his musical contributions. He’s been a devoted contributor to multiple charities in and around his hometown of Vallejo, CA. In this unparalleled time, he continues to support the underserved. Local government officials of California are commending him for his efforts and for the charitable aid that he is providing the inmates in their prison system.

The rapid spread of COVID -19 cases continue to rise within the confines of prison walls. E-40 believes social distancing is eminently impossible based on current conditions—visitation is no longer allowed, and inmates’ use of computers and phones are severely limited. E-40’s ability to support this forgotten community is helping reduce the spread of the virus and ease their pain and suffering.