Rapper Fetty Wap, whose legal name is Willie Junior Maxwell II, has pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiracy to possess and distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine, reports CNN. Because of the plea, his legal team requested an expedited sentencing date.

The charge he pleaded guilty to carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years and a maximum of 40 years.

In October, Fetty Wap was indicted and arrested along with five others on allegations of being a part of a multi-million dollar drug trafficking ring in Long Island. After being released on $500,000 bail, his bond would later be revoked in early August when prosecutors said he violated the terms by threatening to kill someone while holding a gun during a FaceTime call back in December. The conditions of his bail had stated that he “must not possess a firearm, destructive device, or other weapon and that he “must not violate any federal, state or local law.”

On Monday, prosecutor Christopher Caffarone told Judge Steven I. Locke of Federal District Court that although the indictment last year charged Fetty and other five men with heroin, fentanyl, cocaine and crack, Fetty’s only charge was conspiring to possess and distribute cocaine.

Caffarone also said that in the first half of 2020 that Fetty, “had conspired in Suffolk County to distribute well in excess of 500 grams of cocaine throughout New Jersey.”

“I agreed with other people to distribute cocaine,” Fetty told Judge Locke. “I knew the conduct was illegal.”

Judge Locke said that he would recommend to a district judge that Fetty’s plea be accepted.

After the arraignment, Elizabeth Macedonio, Fetty Wap's attorney, said that the rapper had not made any agreement to cooperate with the authorities.

She also requested an expedited sentencing date because her client is being held in “the harshest conditions” inside a special housing unit at a federal jail in Brooklyn.

No date has been set for Fetty Wap’s sentencing.