Last year Kanye West made headlines, not only because of his music, but because of his sense of fashion. After wearing a leather skirt, designed by Riccardo Tisci, during the Watch The Throne tour and the 12-12-12 benefit concert, fashion and hip-hop critics couldn’t stop talking about it.

But now, the talk has turned sour and homophobic thanks to Lord Jamar.

In his new “diss” track, “Lift Up Your Skirt”, Lord Jamar not only makes fun of Kanye’s fashion, he also calls it “queer sh*t” and uses the line “Black man lookin’ half a f-g”. ”He introduced skinny jeans to the rap scene and then he wore a f—ing skirt on the video screen. Then he wore it again at a memorial. I can’t pretend, this s— is deplorable,” raps Jamar. “The music is good, but the ego is horrible,” describes Jamar of Kanye. “Yes, let’s not call this a DISS TRACK…it’s a FACTS TRACK#LiftUpYourSkirt,” he tweeted about the song.