Ray Allen took to The Players’ Tribune to announce his retirement on Tuesday after 18 years with the NBA on a variety of teams, two of which he won championship rings with.

He leaves the league at 41 and with a reputation as possibly the best clutch 3-point shooter in the game’s history. Truth is, like him or not, he’s made some impossible shots in his career and gave fans a reason to jump out of their seats. Now that he’s stepping down, the only thing left to do is wait until the NBA Hall of Fame calls his name.

Until then, check out five of his most memorable plays.

Golden State’s Steph Curry notwithstanding, Allen opened a school for this type of shot. You can see this in this Miami takeover featuring Allen and Chris Bosh.

In the 2012 NBA playoffs, Allen was on the Celtics and hit this game tying shot practically faster than you could see him do it.

Let’s not forget this killer shot against the Knicks in 2011.

Then there was that time he took away Reggie Miller’s record.

…And who could ever forget this one from Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, which redefined the clutch shot forever.