When you think of smooth, enviable skin, which celebrities come to mind? Skin care company Princereigns has just signed off on a $1 million dollar endorsement deal, banking their product on the face of former reality star Ray-J. Selling an all-natural treatment for ingrown hair on men, Ray-J has cashed in on yet another lucrative opportunity, leaving many to wonder what exactly Ray-J does to warrant any attention of this grand scale. 

As if the mere mention of the actor-turned-singer-turned reality star was not enough to get you interested, Princereign also teamed up with Ray-J to shoot a commercial for the product, although it is no where to be seen in the video. Nowadays, reality series have propelled overnight celebrities who would usually have a difficult time landing work post-taping to becoming household names, despite one's actual interest in the series or the celebrity. Then again, Ray-J has always had some very smooth and delectable looking skin, so perhaps they're on to something.