Fans of Love & Hip Hop know Princess Love hasn’t always gotten along with her in-laws. Ray J’s mother, Sonja Norwood, took quite a while to accept the relationship, but she eventually came around. On the other hand, his big sister, Brandy, and Princess seemingly always had a great rapport, until recently.

Neither Brandy nor her mother attended Princess and Ray’s baby shower, reportedly because of a fight. Soon after, the mother-to-be rejected the “Baby” singer’s well wishes, claiming they weren’t sincere, leaving Ray J caught in the middle of it all.

The “One Wish” songer recently spoke to People Now about the tension between his mother, sister and  wife, saying every family has issues, and it’s unfortunate that theirs have been made public.

“Listen, you have good days and you have bad days in family. It’s just unfortunate, sometimes, people kind of take certain things they see and go out and let the public know. For us, we’ll be fine.”

Overall, the soon-to-be father is focused on his wife and having a healthy child.

“We’re right at the end stages about to have the baby so it’s intense. I’m just holding my wife and making sure she’s okay, making sure she’s comfortable and she feels warm and positive. And then from there, the family stuff will always be love no matter what. But I gotta make sure the baby and the wife are okay right now.”