Federal prosecutors Tuesday afternoon charged New Orleans-area businessman Frank Fradella with one count of securities fraud and one count of conspiring to bribe a public official. In the new documents, an official is not named — rather, they call him "Public Official A" — yet it is clear that former mayor Ray Nagin is being implicated. The new bill of information describes him as an agent of the city of New Orleans from May 2002 through May 2010. That coincides with Nagin's tenure in office, during which he met frequently with Fradella.

Fradella, is accused of giving "payoffs," "kickbacks" and "bribes" — some through wire transfers — to the government official. The document says the official used his office "to benefit the defendant's business" in exchange for those payoffs. In accepting the payments, the documents say the official deprived New Orleanians of their "intangible right to honest services." Mayor Nagin has not been charged with a crime and neither him nor his representation, well-known defense lawyer Robert Jenkins, have made any comments concerning the implications.