Rule to remember: Good grooming elicits massive swooning. Fellas, a nearly perfect line up loses major points if your skin isn’t healthy. Take these cues from Jay Bentley, southeast head groomer for The Art of Shaving. Stay sexy. Stay smooth.

GROOMING TRENDS: Old fashioned shaves

More men are requesting old-fashioned shaves, which promotes healthier skin. I exfoliate the skin and use a badger hair brush, followed by steam treatments.


Having more hair is in. Today’s cuts takes cues from vintage cuts of the late 80’s. I do a lot of boxes, soft fades and high top fades.

DO TRY: Facial steam treatments

Steam treatments expand your pores and allow me get inside and clean more thoroughly. I can rid of any toxins created by sweaty workouts or environmental factors.

AFTERSHAVE: No alcohol-infused products

With my clients, I used a specially-created shea butter mixture, infused with lemongrass and vitamin E. Men should not be using aftershave products that contain alcohol because they dry out the skin.  Treat the skin with a product that contains citrus oils to keep the pores clean.  Try The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm, which comes in different formulas for sensitive, dry, oily and combination skin.

SMOOTH SKIN: Always exfoliate

The best way to avoid razor bumps is to make sure to exfoliate 3 – 4 times a week in the shower. I recommend using St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish & Blackhead Control Scrub.

PERFECT TOOL:  Your best at-home shave

I recommend usingThe Art of Shaving & Gillette Fusion Chrome Collection Manual Razor.

HEALING BREAKOUTS: Get a consultation

If a client comes in with very bad skin, I always do a consultation that includes me speaking with their dermatologist, if they have one. I’m also a trained esthetician, so I understand skin. I do recommend that barbers go to Esthetician school because it will really help you in your career.

SCALP-SAVER: Coconut oil

To maintain healthy hair and a healthy scalp, you should be getting scalp treatments. I give my clients a hot steam scalp treatment to prevent or rid of dandruff and psoriasis. I apply raw, organic coconut oil, which is naturally anti-fungal, and massage up any flakes. It’s a pre-wash cleansing treatment. I shampoo with peppermint shampoo or a sulfur-based clarifying balm, if the problem is severe.