Last night was all about the awesome party Peter threw Cynthia at Bar One to celebrate her new EBONY magazine Sexy at Any Age five-page spread. Cynthia’s obviously thrilled about her feature. (And I mean, who wouldn’t be? Hello, it’s EBONY!) Not to mention, Cynthia is 47 years old and serving something even these 22-year-olds can’t handle. She better work!

Cynthia invites Kandi, Todd, Angie Stone, Miss Lawrence and Kenya Moore to her soirée. Kenya invites Claudia Jordan along. Kandi and Todd had been dealing with house hunting for Kandi’s mom all day, so I’m sure it was a great reason to get out and be social. Todd definitely can’t be social with Kandi’s mom—because she’s liable to cut him.

Not on the invited list were Porsha and Nene, for obvious reasons. Nene because she and Cynthia’s friend contract has been terminated and burned to the ground; and Porsha because Cynthia heard she’s been talking about her. Phaedra was invited but didn’t show up—thankfully so, because Apollo showed and things would have been really awkward. (In all honesty, who left the gate open and let Apollo in? Doesn’t he have a jail stint to prepare for?)

Within minutes of arriving, Apollo started spilling the tea on his declining marriage to Phaedra, but not before Kenya and Claudia awkwardly bolted to the bathroom to regroup. Clauda even made special note to hold on to her purse tight… because, you know, Apollo has a thing for other people’s social security numbers.

Kenya made the executive decision to leave Cynthia’s party early and Apollo chased after her. It seemed he wanted to attempt a last-minute apology before he takes that ride upstate. If you ask me, I think he’s just trying to confirm whether or not Kenya will still put money on his books. It gets lonely behind bars.

Unfortunately, Kenya refuses to accept Apollo’s apology unless he goes into detail about what he’s apologizing for—specifically, for telling Phaedra and the rest of the crew that she offered him sexual favors. Apollo was reluctant at first (but then he got to thinking about his commissary and how he’s really going to need that extra roll of toilet paper in jail), but he caved and apologized the right way. That’s right Apollo, take the high road!

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