Last night’s Braxton Family Values was the perfect set-up for the storm that is Tamar’s Atlanta tour stop. Don’t know what I’m referring to? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that later.

The episode began with Tamar, Towanda and Trina meeting for dinner with their mother before Tamar leaves to prep for her very first headlining tour. The last time the sisters saw their mom, she was upset at them for ditching their four-year dream of doing a collaborative Braxton Family album and opting to do a single instead. Their mother Evelyn expresses that she’s frustrated and exhausted with the girls’ antics, and has been prescribed sleeping medication by her doctor because of it.

The girls feel guilty that their decisions affect their mom’s health. But with Tamar going on tour shortly and Toni not being all into the idea of doing an album anyway, what can they do?

Tamar and Toni aren’t the only ones with a lot on their plate. Traci is working on her very first album. You may recall, Traci never got to live her dream of being a singer because she got married and started a family at a very young age. Finally getting her shot in the entertainment industry, she’s working on an album and getting everything together to make a big splash like Toni and Tamar did.

First thing’s first though: Traci has to work on her image. So after a quick session with her Congolese personal trainer, she has a pretty sick biker-themed photo shoot. It took a while for Traci to get the hang of it, but once she did, she was serving, honey! By the end of the shoot, Traci was definitely giving her sisters Tamar and Toni a run for their money.

Speaking of Toni, she stopped by The Queen Latifah Show to promote her memoir, Unbreak My Heart. Despite issues with her makeup artist running extremely late, Toni makes it on stage looking as flawless as ever. Speaking about her book, Toni opens up to Latifah about her son Diesel, and how she blamed herself for his autism.

Toni shocked the audience when she admitted to the world that she’d an abortion, and when she found out her son had autism, she felt that it was punishment for her actions. With the help of family and friends, Toni says she was able to realize that there was nothing wrong with her son, he just learns differently. This has helped her not only get over her guilt, but teach her son that he’s just as smart as any other child.

Back in Atlanta, Tamar meets with her dancers to shoot the video to be used during her concerts. Immediately, Tamar is displeased with the choice in wardrobe. She admits to her husband Vince that she’s a perfectionist and wants things done the way she originally envisioned. That means no leotards, no boots… she’s Tamar, not Beyoncé. (Okay, she didn’t say Beyoncé, but that’s what she was implying). It’s her show and she should get what she wants, right?

Well, Towanda comes up with the brilliant idea of surprising Tamar during her Atlanta show by hopping onstage and performing Tamar’s song, “Hot Sugar.” Trina has reservations about surprising Tamar on stage. She doesn’t want to throw her off, knowing that Atlanta is a very important tour stop for her. Towonda is confident it will work and Tamar will love it. The girls review old recordings from Tamar’s past performances and quickly pick up the choreography. Unfortunately, Towanda and Traci don’t like the choreography anyway, so they intend to modify the dance moves. (Needless to say, this could end really badly, considering Tamar has no idea what her sisters have up their sleeve.)

The episode concludes on the night of Tamar’s ATL show, and Towanda and the girls are excited about their surprise. Tamar, on the other hand, is extremely nervous. She tells her sisters they’re making her anxious, and that if she sees them in the audience she’s going to be thrown off.

As you probably guessed by the preview of next week’s episode, the girls end up surprising Tamar onstage… and let’s just say, she’s not amused. I can’t say for sure, but I believe I saw a water bottle being thrown. (Yikes!)

Tune in to Braxton Family Values on WeTV next Thursday at 10/9c to see what Tamar does when her sisters ambush her on stage.