The ladies of Hollywood Divas are bringing the drama, and last night’s episode was no exception. The episode began with Countess Vaughn seeing a therapist to overcome some of her self-confidence issues. She confirmed my hate for lace-front wigs after admitting that her five-year hiatus was due to a chemical burn she obtained from lace-front glue and not wearing them properly.

(Sidebar: I loathe lace fronts. I loathe lace-front glue. I barely like taking my weekly trips to the beauty supply store…) But this isn’t about me, it’s about Countess and let me tell you, Countess has been through a lot! At 8 years old, while working on the set of 227, she says her confidence took a huge blow after she found out one of her older co-stars didn’t like her because she was “fat” and “Black.” (Who could that have been?)

Then she dropped the bombshell that when she was 18 years old and just beginning shooting for The Parkers, she unexpectedly got pregnant. To avoid completely ruining her career, she took the liberty of secretly aborting the fetus herself. She didn’t say how she did it, only that she regretted that she put her life in danger. Overall, Countess had a breakthrough during therapy, and it gave her the confidence to confront Golden Brooks and Elise Neal about them constantly wanting to “fix” her and take her on as a personal project.

Paula Jai Parker’s mom agrees to meet with her and her husband Forrest for lunch, and the meeting didn’t go well. As a mother, she’s not happy her daughter marring a man who led her to a life of unemployment and homelessness. (Welp.) She thinks Forrest needs to get a job and stop living off of Paula. Keep in mind, no one is living off of Paula because the whole family lives in a Super 8.

Either way, Forrest wants Paula’s mother to respect him and his decision to follow his passion instead of getting a nine to five job. Forrest makes matters worse when he tells Paula’s mom that it’s taking everything in him to not treat her like a B-word on the street. Bad idea! Run, Forrest, run (preferably in the direction of some sort of employment).

The next day, Paula met up with longtime friend and producer, Carl, to pitch him her short film idea. The girls came up with the notion of filming a supernatural movie about five African-American witches, basically Charmed in the ’hood. But Carl isn't really feeling it. He also doesn’t think Black people will embrace the idea because of our religious upbringings. Long story short, he thinks it’s stupid.  

Later, Paula meets with the ladies to break it to them that the witch project is a no-go. As an alternative, she’s written a script for a group of African-American sisters… a scenerio we’ve seen a hundred times before. In Paula’s new film, she plays the Yale graduate/brains of the family; Elise is the eldest sister; Lisa Wu is the middle child that holds the family together; Countess assumes the role of the sister who marries an NFL baller, because she isn’t the type one would expect to marry a pro-athlete (basically because she’s a big girl); and last but not least, Golden is a crackhead.

Needless to say, the witch project sounds pretty good right now. And Golden isn’t too thrilled about her role either; save the crackhead roles for New Jack City. I guess we’ll have to see how the ladies come to an agreement with this new project next week—if it happens at all.

Stephanie Ogbogu is a freelance writer who has been featured on ESPN, Anderson Cooper, USA Today, The New York Post, Huffington Post Live and more. Follow her at @eleven8 on Instagram and Twitter.