The ladies’ The White Sistas project hit a few snags on the latest episode of Hollywood Divas. Last night’s episode picked up from the blow out from the week before between Paula Jai Parker and Golden Brooks.

You may recall that Paula felt Golden was inappropriately flirting with her husband. She even went as far as to call Golden a jezebel, which she wasn’t too pleased about. The fact that Paula and Forrest are still living out of a hotel should be enough to let Paula know that no one else wants him but like Golden, I believe that she was using this argument as a means to deflect from the real issue—that she has been present lately.

Meanwhile, the White Sistas project is falling apart at the seams. As Paula ditched the film to handle other business, Countess decided to move forward with her full body liposuction. She was optimistic that she’d be able to recover in two days and still be able to make it in time to film her scenes. Unfortunately, it was going to take more than optimism, hopes and wishes to make that happen.

Countess went under the knife and the ladies came to visit her. Her BFF Shar Jackson also stopped by. It was obvious that fresh out of surgery, Countess was swollen and clearly in pain. Golden second-guessed whether she’d be able to perform in a few days, and before the stitches could dissolve, was already thinking of a backup plan.

Golden felt that it would be a great idea to replace Countess with Shar. When she asked Countess how she felt… she wasn’t. (Feeling it that is.) In fact, she’d rather they write her character out of the script altogether.

In an attempt to give Countess her much needed bed rest, Paula texted the cast and crew that they should postpone Countess’s scenes for a few days. But somewhere between Paula’s fingers, AT&T’s data services and everyone else’s phones, the message was relayed incorrectly and the entire crew thought Paula gave them the OK to go home. Paula clearly saw this as a case of smartphones in the hands of dumb people, and was visibly upset about how she was going to explain a wasted day (and wasted money) to all of the girls.

Will Countess recover fast enough to deliver her role? Will she be blamed for having voluntary surgery? I guess we’ll have to tune in to Hollywood Divas on TV One next Wednesday to find out!