Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood was centered around the theme of delusions. Then again, this is pretty expected in Hollywood, no? The show began with Teairra Mari—who, after a long hiatus, wants to return the to the big stage. She connects with L.A. promoter Sincere for help booking her first showcase, and it’s made pretty clear early on that these two won’t see eye to eye.

Sincere lets Teairra know that this is not Def Jam 2004 and that she’s no longer relevant, while his fellow promoter, Miss Diddy, takes a more “Paula Abdul on American Idol” approach. The night of her show arrives and Teairra shows up to perform, accessorized by a headband of cat ears and visibly packing a few extra pounds. Her live show ends up just as disappointing as her choice in costume.

One could say the cat ears were props for her performance, because some of the notes Teairra hit were reminiscent of a feline in heat. It wasn’t pretty and Teairra knew it, but understandably it was her first time back and it’s going to take some getting used to. Sincere’s assessment wasn’t positive either. In a nutshell, he told her she looked unprepared, sounded out of breath and needed to lose weight. Teairra’s reaction? A sock in the face. But that’s her delusion; through all the blatant disrespect, Sincere actually had a point.

Power 106 geared up for their annual Powerhouse concert, this year hosted by Power DJ Yesi Ortiz and Ray J. The day before the show, Yesi asked Ray’s assistant Morgan if she’d like to host the red carpet for the show. Reluctantly Morgan accepted, but neglected to make Ray aware of the fact that she wouldn’t be assisting him that day.

Obviously this is a professional no-no! You never, under any circumstances, leave the job you’re paid to do to play celebrity for a few hours—especially without letting your employer know. At least send a text, email, smoke signal, something! Needless to say, on the day of Powerhouse, Ray J was heated! So heated that after Morgan bailed on him, he fired her.

Morgan, on the other hand, feels unappreciated. She thought Ray J would have been happy that she’s stepping into her own. That’s not how this works, Morgan, that’s not how any of this works. Morgan’s delusion: that as an assistant, it’s ever okay to leave your boss hanging, whether he considers you family or not.

Then there’s Lil Fizz and his girlfriend, Amanda. The two have been dating for some time but not without their own trials. See, Amanda has cheated on Fizz in the past… and when I say “cheating,” I don’t mean a one-night stand. Amanda was seeing a guy from Miami on the side, and has even gone as far as putting a love shack in her name for him. Fizz wants Amanda to move in with him, in hopes that she’ll be the mother his son so desperately needs. Amanda, on the other hand, is not about that mommy life just yet (especially to a child that isn’t even hers).

Things go left when Amanda receives a phone call about dinner reservations in Miami that Fizz knew nothing about. Lil Fizz’s delusion: that he can force someone to be a mommy to his son when he could just hire a nanny.

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