At the start of last night’s Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, Omarion and Apryl decided on a home birth, and at the birthing center consulting midwives, Apryl mentioned Omarion isn’t circumcised. While many of us could have done without that fascinating tidbit of information, Apryl didn’t stop there. She also said that because of the excess baggage, Omarion’s limo causes her too much pain when he tries to park it in the garage. (Catch my drift?) This somehow led into a conversation about Omarion’s mom, and Apryl still demanding an apology. Later in the episode, she finally gets it.

Hazel was in the studio and invited Masika over to hear the track Berg produced for her. One thing Berg doesn’t know, however, is that she dedicated the song to him also. Masika thinks this is a ridiculous idea. I’m with Masika on this one. Berg has already made it clear as day he wants nothing to do with Hazel, and yet she still holds on. Hazel eventually lets Berg hear the record and, as one would expect, he thinks the record is wack and has to explain to her (yet again) that she was never his girlfriend, and that he believes in Tierra over Hazel. This is all getting to be kind of embarrassing.

Ray J dedicated his time on last night’s episode acting like a drunken mess. First he stormed into the Power 106 offices to have a few words with Yesi Ortiz. He still blames her for Morgan going rogue, and he’s also upset the station has yet to play his new “ATM” single. Yesi implies that the song sucks, and that set Ray off tremendously. He gets so unbelievably aggressive that things almost turned violent.

I won’t lie, I think Yesi could take him, but she just didn’t want to go there. Nevertheless, Ray J had to be escorted off the premises by security. Later in the show, he spent nine hours in jail for allegedly palming a woman’s rear while he intoxicated. Then when police apprehended him, he kicked the window out of the squad car. (Anything for the cameras.) Dumb move.

Teddy Riley and his daughters Deja, Taja and Bobbie made an appearance on the show in support of Nia Riley. Only Deja has met Nia’s longtime on-again-off-again boyfriend Soulja Boy, and since Nia wants to move in with him, it’s about time Papa Teddy hit him with the check baby, check baby, 1-2-3-4. Of course Soulja was a little nervous to meet Nia’s dad, but ready overall. Oddly enough, Teddy Riley is one cool dude. He didn’t come at Soulja Boy reckless, which is a change from the usual LHH ratchetness.

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