Yung Berg caused a heap of trouble on last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. You may remember he spazzed on Hazel last week after hearing the song she dedicated to him. This week, he meets up with Teairra Marí to let her hear the finished track they worked on (and in an attempt to work his way into her pants); he sets the mood with candlelight, champagne and strawberries. Needless to say, he gets friend zoned by Teairra for the 13th time this season. Persistence is obviously key with Yung Berg.

While all of that is going on, Hazel hits the gym with Masika for a workout slash Yung Berg vent session. Masika, who was friends with Berg long before ever meeting Hazel, convinces Hazel to just walk away while she still has an ounce of pride intact. Hazel agrees, but she questions Masika’s intentions when she finds out Masika met with Yung Berg behind her back… and even took some very intimate selfies with him.

Speaking of trust issues, Lil Fizz has once again lost faith in Amanda after catching her riding around L.A. with her Miami sidepiece again. Amanda claims he’s just a friend, but Fizz doesn’t want to hear it. He decides that if Amanda won’t leave her sidepiece alone, he’ll get rid of Amanda, so he does. I personally would have liked for him to have made this decision a long time ago. But he seemed determined to turn Amanda into a makeshift babymama, regardless of the fact she wasn’t the slightest bit interested.

Now a single man, Fizz still moves forward with his decision to vacate his mom’s house and get a place of his own. In an attempt to be better at co-parenting, he invites his babymama Moniece to see the new home he and their son will be sharing. Moniece likes the place, and is even comfortable enough to make jokes about moving into the third bedroom. She says she was joking—but if she’s still homeless, she could very well be packing an overnight bag as we speak.

When Amanda catches wind of Moniece’s “jokes,” she sets up a meeting with her. The claws come out when Amanda keeps insisting on calling Moniece delusional and crazy, continuously talking down to her in a condescending manner. After being warned several times, Moniece reaches over the table and smacks her in the face.

I don’t know about you, but a person with a criminal record only has to tell me once to stop talking them to them crazy and I will happily oblige.

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