There was lots of reflecting during last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Between Ray J’s come-to-Jesus moment with his father and Apryl’s mother not being present while she was giving birth to Omarion’s first child, there was a lot of heavy stuff to think about. But it wouldn’t be Love & Hip Hop without the ratchet, so let’s get straight to that!

The show picked up at the unveiling of Masika’s billboard for Ace of Diamonds, the strip club that sits on the Mudarris family property. All of Masika’s enemies were in attendance: Nikki Mudarris, Hazel, and, of course, Teairra Mari, whom Masika doesn’t have any issues with… yet. This union proved to be a disaster from the start, because it wasn’t even two seconds into the event before Teairra brought Nikki over to speak with Masika.

Let’s get one thing straight: it’s obvious Nikki is still very much upset that Masika had a fling with Mally Mall (something she should build a bridge and get over). Unfortunately, she hasn’t—but before she could throw her shade, Hazel approached Masika and it got even nastier. Despite already being asked to leave the event, Hazel stuck around to start a little drama.

You may recall that neither Masika nor Teairra see it for Hazel, so in an attempt to kill two birds with one shady stone, she ended up making herself look bad. She attempted to confront Teairra and call her a trifling friend for allegedly doing business with Yung Berg behind her back, but not before Masika spilled the tea that Hazel was calling Teairra everything but a child of God anyway. The whole ordeal ended up with a screaming match in the middle of Masika’s event and not a single bystander bat an eyelash. Typical Love & Hip Hop behavior, nothing to see here.

Amanda confronts her ex Lil Fizz about Moniece dragging her across the floor like a Pound Puppy. Apparently she didn’t appreciate that, much like Moniece didn’t appreciate being called “delusional” and a “bad mother.” Who’d have thunk? She runs to Fizz to get things handled, but wasn’t happy with Fizz’s response. She wanted him to take action, but honestly, she’s the one to blame.

Fizz, though he knows Amanda was in the wrong, has a sit down with Moniece to explain why smacking the sense out of people is a bad idea. Moniece is upfront and honest with Fizz about Amanda: she doesn’t like her and will drag her again if need be. Of course he calls her crazy, every guy’s go-to line. If Fizz is running into so many crazy women in his life, what does that say about his ability to choose gfs? Questions that need answers… and hopefully we’ll get some clarity next week!

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