During last night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, we got to address Apryl’s mommy issues. Just after giving birth to her and Omarion’s son, Apryl confides in Omarion’s mother about how her own mom never raised her and rarely showed any affection. This is something that’s been bothering Apryl for a long time and played a huge part in her development as a child.

Growing up, Apryl said she was always angry and blamed her mother for abandoning her. She finally got the opportunity to confront her, but her mom put her guard up immediately. She tells Apryl that there was a lot going on that she can’t talk about (all while pouring brown liquor in a coffee mug, so it seems pretty serious).

Speaking of mommies, surprise! Nia Riley is pregnant! And Soulja Boy doesn’t know yet. He’s on tour in Brazil for a week, and it’s been hard getting ahold of him. Nia successfully reaches out to Soulja Boy on Facetime in an attempt to break the news, but the timing was terrible. There were 20 people in the dressing room, mayhem and groupies, and Soulja had only minutes before hitting the stage.

Nia didn’t want to have such an intimate conversation with all of those people in the room, so Soulja Boy said he’d call her back when he got to his hotel. He never did… and even if he did, it was too little too late. Before the episode was even over, Nia Riley has a miscarriage.

The highlight of the show had to be Yung Berg and his harem of hot messes. Berg celebrated his birthday with an all-white party, bringing Masika as his date. He also thought it would be a great idea to invite Hazel. Berg should clearly stick to producing, because great ideas are obviously not his thing.

Hazel arrived at Berg’s party in all black, with her only friend left in the world, Ray J. Masika made a toast to Yung Berg and had a surprise in store for Hazel. She debuted the new song Berg produced for her, which happens to be the song he originally gave to Hazel. So at this point, it’s safe to say things are pretty awkward. I honestly don’t know why Hazel even came to the party, considering it was a set up for embarrassment. She didn’t make it any better when she started rapping the verse to her song in the middle of the crowd. What a sad sight to see!

The other sad sight would have to be Ray J’s attempt to apologize to Teairra for treating her so poorly. It wasn’t sad in the way that Hazel’s embarrassment was sad, but more so because a disappointed Ray had to find out from Teairra that Morgan had been telling all of his business. Let’s just say, this does nothing for Ray and Morgan’s friendship at this point. Ray wasted no time banishing Morgan from his life forever (and at some point, he also repossessed her car).

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