Our favorite desperate housewives are back! Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered last night, and the ladies picked up right where they left off last season. Porsha Williams has moved on since her reunion fight with Kenya Moore, but Kenya still feels slighted by her castmates not coming to her defense back when Porsha laid the hands of God on her.

It’s sad when you have to finally come to the realization that no one on the show likes you, and the only friend you have—that would be Cynthia Bailey—is based on you having a common enemy. (That enemy being NeNe Leakes, who’s picked up a new gig in Las Vegas as MC for Cirque du Soleil.) Kenya’s feeling more grand than ever, and that confidence can be felt through her over-the-top new attitude and her brand-new bleach blonde wig that rivals the locks of Rapunzel.

The highlight of last night’s episode was, of course, Phaedra Parks and her husband, Apollo. If you’ve been keeping up with the gossip, then you know Apollo has been up to some shady business under Phaedra’s roof. In a nutshell, he plead guilty to wire fraud, bank fraud and mail fraud… and for that, he’s facing up to 30 years behind bars.

With two young boys to worry about, Phaedra took it upon herself to pack up her sons and head out of town before the proverbial ish hit the fan. Apollo felt she wasn’t being supportive, especially since she neglected to show up for his sentencing. Days after Apollo received an eight-year sentence for his fraud charges, Phaedra returned home with the boys unbothered.

Apollo was clearly upset with Phaedra and her decision to be absent in his time of need. Phaedra’s reasoning was that she didn’t want their small sons to know what was going on. She also distanced herself to save face from Apollo’s actions, which have ruined her good name. (If you ask me, you can’t marry a felon and get mad when a felon does felonious things.) Apollo blames his actions partially on Phaedra, saying that he felt pressured to help her sustain her lavish lifestyle. Clear that he wasn’t getting through to Phaedra, he asked for a divorce. Phaedra’s response: “OK.”

That’s got to hurt. It probably wasn’t smart for Apollo to ask for the divorce just before heading to jail. He’s going to regret not having those conjugal visits.

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