The holidays are typically a joyous time for celebrating with loved ones. But if you've recently moved, celebrating them in a new place can be somewhat daunting and a bit lonely. Whether you are away for work or have moved to a new locale, it is understandable to miss the comfort of spending time with family and friends.

Below are a few tips for spending time away from family this holiday season and building new traditions in the new place that you now call home.

Decorate Your Space

The same way that dressing up, makes you feel good, the same can be said about decorating your home during the holidays. Having visual reminders of the cheer and excitement that comes this time of year is an easy way to get into the spirit. If you're in a new home, you have the creative freedom to decorate it whichever way you'd like.

Cook a Traditional Meal

Holidays always invoke nostalgia that takes the form of special scents, activities and food. Whether it's a sweet potato pie recipe from your great-grandma or special dishes that family eats during the holidays, meals with a sense of tradition can repair the sense of homesickness you may feel. If you're able to, reach out to your loved ones for recipes that you love or that you'd like to attempt for the sake of the holidays.

Invite New Friends Into Your Space

Making new friends as an adult is already challenging, and doing so in a new town can add another layer of difficulty. However, if you've been able to identify a couple of folks that you relate to, consider inviting them over and hosting them for dinner or drinks this holiday season. This is a kind gesture to spark kinship with new friends and will allow you to feel a part of something greater while navigating your new transition.

Take Part in the Festivities of Your New City

When finding your way through a new area, it can be overwhelming to find the groove of things. Luckily enough, there are so many new experiences to discover. There may be local organizations hosting "friendsgiving" link ups or holiday-themed light shows to partake in. Use Google or social media to tap into where the fun at is in your city.

Donate Time to a Worthy Cause

One of the best ways to bear against feelings of loneliness and despair is to serve others. As the weather gets colder and the holidays approach, there are lots of less-privileged folks that do not have the means to enjoy a decadent meal or revel with their family and friends in spaces of comfort. Look into outlets that provide different resources to those in need and use your time to give back. There are a bevy of nonprofits and community centers that would love your help.