Stepping out of the Kim Kardashian spotlight and into the beauty industry, NFL player Reggie Bush has become a partner and spokesperson for the skin care line titled "Barc." Given the extra-smooth complexion of the famed footballer and former Kardashian beau, this news should come as no surprise. The New York-based skin-care company will undoubtedly be receiving a great deal of attention both from women and men alike, although some locker room hazing will also be in order on behalf of Bush's Miami Dolphin teammates. He expects to "get a lot of grief" he told the press, but believes that it's all in good fun.

It seems as if being Kim Kardashian's boyfriend leads to much more press attention which, in turn, leads to a way more noticeable face. Between playing an excellent season with the Dolphins and managing to catch a break from the Kardashian limelight thanks to Kris Humphries, Bush seems to be kicking off the year in fabulous fashion. Surely, girlfriends will be pushing their men to purchase the skin products if they make one's skin as silky smooth as Reggie's.