In addition to her work in film, Regina Hall is also an accomplished investor with a keen interest in sustainable living. "I love looking at businesses that promote health and that affect population and quality of life," Hall tells EBONY. "I love investing in green solutions. Things, areas, ideas, and concepts where I think we should be headed towards. Things that move us towards qualitative solutions."

Amongst the latest editions to her portfolio is Genexa, a clean medicine brand that offers alternatives to over-the-counter medications like Tylenol and Mucinex. "I love the idea that it has clean ingredients. I think about all of the medications I've taken and to know that there's an option that offers clean ingredients when most others do not, I think it's incredible," Hall shares. "It would make me feel comfortable taking it, giving it to my family, and giving it to children."

As society continues to move towards cleaner, more sustainable living, the concept of clean medicine has become an essential focus. "Clean medicines are comprised of active ingredients and only non-artificial inactive ingredients," Genexa CEO and co-founder, David Johnson, tells EBONY. "Our clean medicines have the same active ingredients as the category leaders, including ingredients like acetaminophen for reducing fevers or the antihistamine diphenhydramine for reducing cold symptoms, but without any of the artificial inactive ingredients and synthetic fillers found in all other over-the-counter drugs."

Hall, who was introduced to Genexa by a friend, was thrilled by the idea, was blown away when she learned that the products actually work. I used the products and they were really great," explains Hall. "That was a key turning point. They weren't just an idea or a mantra—they were actually effective," and as an added bonus, "they taste good."

"We make medicine with the same dosage of the same active ingredients that infants, kids and adults have been taking in their OTC products for their entire lives, but we’ve discovered a new way to deliver those active ingredients without the artificial fillers and synthetic additives," Johnson explains. "For example, our kids’ fever medicine is made with the same effective active ingredient as Children’s Tylenol (acetaminophen), but made with inactive ingredients like organic agave syrup and organic blueberry flavor. Our medicines are made without artificial sweeteners and synthetic dyes, parabens, high fructose corn syrup and other commonly used artificial ingredients."

"The reality of life is sometimes you don't feel well," says Hall. "I would want anyone I know or care about to have the option of [clean medicine]," Hall goes on. "It's your body. In our community, there are so many medical issues. The fact that you can have medication that doesn't contain things you'd normally have to ingest, [when taking medication], is amazing."

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