Actress Regina Hall appeared on Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her upcoming film Little and talked about marijuana.

The last time Hall was a guest on the late-night show, she revealed that she was giving weed to her dog, Zeus. When asked by Kimmel if that was still the case, the actress said the dog had passed on but told a hilarious story about her mother.

Instead of throwing the “good stuff” away, the actress shared the oil with her mother—who has arthritis—during a visit to help the actress deal with her pet's passing. Hall’s mom ended up taking more than was suggested and felt numbness in her mouth.

Fearful it could be a stroke, the Little star called an ambulance.

“I called my friend on the phone and I said, ‘Listen, I think Mommy is having a stroke,’” Hall said. “I was distraught cause I was like the dog, now Mommy.”

When asked whether she told doctors about ingesting the marijuana, she said "no."

“Well, no; my friend was doing a prayer, and she said, ‘Did you take your stuff,’” the actress told the show host. “Then we were downstairs, and she said, ‘I think you b****es are high.’”

The biggest lesson from the situation was that when her mother’s mouth goes numb, it means she’s high.

Little opens in theaters on April 12. Watch the full segment below.