EBONY: You have a big deal fragrance endorsement. Tell us how the partnership with White Diamonds Lustre by Elizabeth Taylor came about.

Regina Hall: You know, fragrances are tricky, I think the truth is you have to really resonate with how something smells and what it stands for and what it represents. I think it all kind of worked out with White Diamonds. I loved the scent. I’m actually a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor.  She was always someone who I felt had the combination of beauty and talent. I’m very citrusy and it’s kind of the perfect combination of citrus and floral. Another thing that I love about it is that it actually lasts.

EBONY: You’ve always been a beauty girl to us. From your hair to your natural glow. What is your beauty routine?

RH: Thank you so much! For my skin, I use Avalon Organics System. I get it from Whole Foods. It’s a vitamin C cream. For cleanser, I use a papaya cleanser or the Shiseido Foaming Cleanser. It takes your makeup off completely. I use a toner only on a day I’m wearing makeup. After I put on my moisturizer and sunscreen, I use Argan oil. You would think oil would clog your pores but it’s so light and it’s great for evening your complexion. It’s funny because I told someone before, that when I was younger I used to use Crisco on my face. Do you remember that?

EBONY: Oh my gosh, yes.

RH: Yeah, it’s like a heavier lard. I would use that as my cleanser follow up with a hot rag and then use vinegar as my astringent.

EBONY: I haven’t heard anyone talk about Crisco since I was a kid. Those are cool low budget beauty alternatives.

RH: I’m not going tell anyone to get it but I was in college and it worked wonders for me.

EBONY: How do you keep you skin glowing while on the road or filming for long periods of time?

RH: I get facials, well, extractions, according to need. If I’ve been shooting a project for a couple of months and doing press and I feel like I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup, and I see my pores are clogged, then I will definitely go and get a facial. But in all honestly, I really keep up with my skin regimen.

EBONY: What about your hair?

RH: I’ve moved over to falls from regular sewn in weaves. A hair stylist will basically measure your head, so that they can sew an entire unit on top of it. That way it’s a lot less stress on your edges and a lot less stress on your hair in terms of having to sew the extension onto every braid and thread. And it looks really natural. I wore a fall for pretty much [all of the] Best Man and About Last Night press.

EBONY: We’ve seen so much Regina Hall in the last few years, a good thing of course. How does it feel to be in constant work mode and with some of your former cast mates?

RH: I know everyone says this and it sounds so cliché, but I always feel blessed to work. I’ve been happy that we’ve had so many different types of movies to come out. I’m happy to see where film is going. I like the varied images that Black women and Black girls are getting to see of themselves on screen and actually that all people are getting to see of us. The great thing about doing sequels is that you get to work with people who you’ve formed all these bonds with, who you don’t get to see because of life. So being able to do Best Man and Think Like a Man Too has been really wonderful.

I’ve been very happy with my career because it’s been steady. Slow and steady wins the race! All of it has aligned really wonderfully and it’s made me really happy. I love all the support I get when I talk to people like you who say, “We like it. We’re so happy for you.” That means a lot.

EBONY: We really are happy for you! I think a lot of young Black girls, in particular, are excited to see Black women on television and in movies in a more consistent manner.

RH: It’s so good that we get to see images of ourselves. I met Sevyn Streeter recently, and she said “OMG, I’m so happy because you guys look like me.” I see so many young women and you want them to feel proud of who they are and you want to represent who we are in the highest and elevated way. We are beautiful, we are feminine, and we are amazing.