Regina Hall is one of those actresses that only gets better with time. She's graced us on the screen with projects like Girls Trip, Think Like a Man, and most recently Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul, for which she is nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress. But beyond the big screen, what is life like for the Washington D.C. native?

"I've been really excited because I've been producing more a lot lately. I will be announcing a new project very soon. I have the NAACP and Indie Spirit Awards coming up, and I'm looking forward to going and celebrating," Hall shares. "It's just a very celebratory time right now."

Outside of her acting and producing bag, Hall recently teamed up with Jameson Irish Whiskey for a fun campaign centered around St. Patrick's Day and making the most out of long holiday weekends since St. Patty's Day falls on a Friday this year. The SPTO campaign centers taking St. Patrick’s Day Time Off from work and instead celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with family and friends.

"I just thought the idea was really fun. I'll be in New York celebrating with friends—responsibly, of course—and trying to stay out of trouble," the actress jokes.

In general, when it comes to having a long weekend, Regina Hall is like many of us. She simply likes to kick back, relax, and enjoy a good book.

"I just sit back, watch a movie, read a book, have a drink and chill out. There's always so much energy happening around the world. For me, the simpler the day I have, the better. That's the truth."

And of course, when it comes to the ultimate form of self-care and disconnecting—traveling—Hall definitely partakes in that as well.

"I would like to go to Italy and Ghana this year. I have a friend I plan to visit there [Ghana], who has a non-profit, Smiles for Speech. Oh, and I would love to get to the Caribbean, too. I always like anything in the Caribbean," adds the star.