Academy Award-winning actress Regina King continues to give back to her hometown of Los Angeles, especially its youth. King recently teamed with Wells Fargo for its follow-up donation of $1 million toward the L.A.-based nonprofit organization, Kollab Youth. The program serves to mentor underserved youth in Los Angeles, leading them to high-demand career opportunities and financial health.

"It's exciting because the participants of Kollab Youth doubled with that first $1 million donation last year," shares King. "It is my hope that with this second donation, participant numbers will go up ever higher, the percentage of Black children who get to become a part of the program continues to go up, and that more programs within the program will provide opportunities for youth to experience career paths they never knew existed. I'm just really excited about this because it's specific to Los Angeles, which is where I was born and bred. It's a program that's had a commitment to underserved youth for quite some time. To be a part of that team and be able to expand that education within the community that raised me is amazing."

According to the actress, there are several ways for parents or even the public to instill the importance of financial health and wellness not only within our own children, but any young people within our communities.

"Even though social media is the juggernaut that it is, passing on things that you’ve learned within your personal household is one way we can continue to improve financial literacy within our country and communities," continue King. "Even though we often see people online showing off their material possessions, things aren't always what they look like. Financial health is what really allows a young person to sustain without having to worry about certain things like providing for themselves or their family."

As the spokesperson for Wells Fargo's Active Cash Card, Regina King says it's a great way to promote healthy spending habits while also earning money back from each purchase.

"Even if you are buying haircare products or a new jacket for your sister for Christmas, you are also giving yourself a gift at the same time. You can take that 2% and invest it in something, or put it away for a vacation that will allow your mind to expand beyond the environment you have grown up in," she adds.