Everyone has that friend that is notorious for using social media as their very public DIARY. They make sure we know who “bae” is, where they met, when he or she has done them wrong and how they will spend their Saturday.

“Me and Bae, I don’t need anyone else” or some caption of that nature is accompanied with either an obscure pic of “bae” or a full frontal image and tag to their social media profile. The first couple of times it was cute, but eventually it starts to seem like a social media reality show.

While I understand the need to shout your budding and everlasting love to the rooftops, I believe it is best that you do not for the following reasons.

1) Your relationship is YOURS. It is not for everyone else.

When you found love in a hopeless place, your social media followers were not present, and frankly, we shouldn’t have been. Every relationship is subject to bumps and bruises. But it’s very important that you experience those highs and lows with the person you call yours. Your social media followers aren’t going to bring you chicken soup when you need it, and they’re not going to loan you money either. So why should we have a front row seat to your life? The bond between two people is sacred and does not come often. It is my belief that it should be cherished as such. How can you effectively communicate your feelings if they are based on outside perception from others? Exclusivity and privacy is vital for a thriving relationship.

2) They don’t like y’all!

A lot of times, we find ourselves foolishly buying into the “likes,” “retweets” and “loves” we are receiving on social media are real. It usually is not. In the cases when the love is real, you will receive that same support outside of social media. Subjecting your relationship to a bunch of people that really do not have your best interests at heart can be dangerous—literally and figuratively. If your relationship is more important than a few “likes,” then covet it. When something is genuine, it doesn’t need to be placed on public display all day everyday. I often wonder what the effects social media will have on us as a generation. Are we going to get so comfortable with being “open” to the point where we start filming doctors appointments and sharing them on Facebook Live? A line must be drawn.

3) The more information you share, the easier it is for your relationship to be compromised.

You know what “bae” likes. You know what his or her favorite food is and you know where he or she loves to work out. But guess what? Your followers know too, because you TOLD THEM! Sadly, people can use the information you post about yourself against both you and your mate. We live in the screenshot era ladies and gentlemen and once it is out there, someone will see it. Things that seem not be a big deal will become so if presented in the wrong light. And guess what? They will cause damage to the psyche of your mate and the harmony in your union.

When it comes to sharing personal information on social media—especially about your relationship—it’s best lean on the side of caution. One of my favorite sayings is, “ The right hand doesn’t need to know what the left hand is doing.” This simply means that even those closest to you do not need to be aware of your every move. Guard your heart, protect your relationship and keep it between you and your boo.

Laura Miller is the founder of The SistaGurl Blog which she uses to empower women to be their true selves; Confident, Strong, Honest, and most of all POWERFUL.  She is an official media correspondent for The Six Brown Chicks and continues to utilize her empathetic nature as a tool to help and inspire the masses.