We have lost one of our own: Terry Glover, the magazine’s beloved managing editor, recently passed away after a prolonged illness. She joined the team in 2006 as an EbonyJet.com senior editor and was an invaluable innovator, leader and friend. Her input was integral to the magazine’s print and digital redesign, and we will sorely miss her editorial expertise. But more important, Terry was a shining example of warmth, fairness and generosity. We feel the absence of her lovely character, her laser-sharp intelligence and her wicked sense of humor every day.

RIP, Terry Anita Glover.

When I arrived at the EBONY offices in 2010, Terry was the first person I met. We peered at each other warily, both aware of how hard it is to forge an editor-in-chief/managing editor partnership. But it was obvious right away that we were kindred spirits. From the moment our wary small talk turned to warm laughter, Terry became my partner in crime and friend. Her input and unconventional sense of humor helped me overcome many professional and personal obstacles. I miss plopping down in a chair across from her desk, receiving sage advice, then laughing like an idiot for a few minutes. Talking to her always lifted my mood.

-Amy DuBois Barnett

Terry was a true friend and co-worker. We shared many family stories and had a great working relationship. I will miss her smile and great personality.

Bill Sholar

Hands down, one of the coolest people I have ever met.  Smart and funny with incredible wit.  On the outside chance that you couldn’t vibe with Terry, it wasn’t because of her—the issue was definitely with you.

-Dudley M. Brooks

Terry was sincere and straightforward. Her aura was positive. Everyone could feel it, which explained her magnetic attraction. Even when she was busy, she was NEVER too busy to stop everything and give you her undivided attention. That’s because Terry cared. She gave a damn about people.

-Margena A. Christian

When I think of Terry, I think of beauty.  She was a BEAUTIFUL woman in every way!  And she was not just a once-in-a-lifetime manager but also a true confidante.  I came to depend on her sensitive viewpoints and looked forward to her wise and thoughtful advice. I can only hope to someday touch someone’s life the way Terry touched so many.  

I will forever remember her authentic warmth, her bubbly personality, her witty sense of humor, her unwavering professionalism and most of all, her welcoming smile. T. Glove, we miss you much!

-Crystal Montgomery

The sheer grace, determination and strength that Terry personified throughout her fight set an example for us all. She will be greatly missed.

-The Style Team

Terry didn’t hide her illness. She rocked it out. No hair? No problem. Instead, she shaved her luscious—and enviable—silver-fox locs and wore a funky mohawk, which she occasionally covered with a swanky silk scarf. She’d often put in a 12-hour workday and not complain. I’m also humbled that she took the time to offer me congratulations on the new life to which I’d just given birth, even though her own life was coming to an end.

-Adrienne Samuels-Gibbs

I remember Terry pulling into her parking spot at work on a brutally cold day. She was wearing a big furry hat, and I will never forget her smile on that gray morning as an attendant chauffeured both of us literally around the corner to our offices because of the dangerous winds.

Terry’s demeanor radiated cheerful energy; she loved and believed in EBONY’s purpose, and her dedication and relatable personality remain unmatched.

-Shirley Henderson

I often called her a rock star because she was just that awesome! Terry had talent, style, compassion, confidence and an illuminating spirit—my boss was absolutely dynamic! Even in her absence, I am often reminded of the invaluable wisdom she instilled in me. Terry, thanks for everything. I will forever love and miss you!

-Jorian L. Seay

What a great gift and privilege to have had Terry in my life. I’ve never met anyone who shared so much of my identity: only child, Scorpio, Northwestern alum, film and magazine buff. Although a generation separated us, Terry understood me in ways no one else could. I watched intently as she carried herself with the ultimate positivity, dignity, grace and strength through challenges. Her energy was—and still is—alive and kinetic, and the impression she’s left on all of us is indelible.

Terry, I will carry your love and legacy in my heart every day. And as I promised you a long time ago, one day I’m truly going to learn how to perfect my poker face.

-Lynnette L. Galloway

There are certain extraordinary cooks not only because of a facility with flavors but also because their meals bring people together, uncork laughter and energize body and soul. They make all who partake feel welcome and whole. Terry had that quality, but her “kitchen” was a conference room where everyone had a place at the table. Her pan was a pen, her heat source was passion, her knife was that razor-sharp wit. You could count on her to stir up ideas, boil down the problem, sift through bland copy and let brilliance filter through.  

As a manager, she knew when to scramble, when to chill and, yes, when to whip. When deadlines fired up the pressure cooker, tensions simmered and egos flared, Terry could stand the heat in that kitchen—but she’d also open a window and let the rest of us breathe.   

In lighter moments, her friendship was warm, her authenticity refreshing and her demeanor sweet. Her laughter was robust and deliciously conspiratorial. To drink in her spirit was to savor a moment of grace. Though we hunger for your presence, Terry, we remain nourished.

-Claire McIntosh

I met Terry more than 20 years ago. We liked each other instantly, and shortly thereafter, I recommended her for a position at the magazine where I worked, which she got. She returned the favor twice: EBONY was the third magazine we worked on together. She was incredibly smart, funny, loving, talented, as beautiful inside as she was outside and as cool as could be. We were great friends and colleagues. Sister Terry Louise: It’s tears in my eyes. Much luv.

-Rema Louise Smith