Lil Kim’s $4 million debt may not be cleared away and her bankruptcy case may move forward because her suggested repayment plan was not accepted by a trustee, according to the theJasmineBRAND.

The rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy last month.

“The Chapter 13 Standing Trustee objects to Kimberly Jones’s Request for Loss Mitigation. Based upon Ms. Jones’s own schedules, she is clearly ineligible to be a Chapter 13 Debtor,” according to the United States Bankruptcy Court District of New Jersey.

The 41-year old owes $2 million in back taxes, $1.5 million to a loan company and unpaid federal taxes, according to the report. The plan she proposed and what was ultimately rejected would have her pay $5,550 per month for five years.