Last week the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement released an exhaustively researched study, “The Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of Black People,”  that proved that every 40 hours since the murder of Trayvon Martin, there has been an extrajudicial killing of a Black person.

This week the hashtag #Every40Hours had to be edited to #Every36Hours once the 10 people killed the past seven days were factored in.

The report frames the crisis as a “human rights” one, arguing that Black people are “without sanctuary in the United State.” The term extrajudicial is used to include security guards and neighborhood watch types, whether they are deputized by the police or only dangerous “self-appointed” law enforcers, like Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman.

Given New York’s well-reported Stop and Frisk policy, recently defended by Mayor Bloomberg, it’s no surprise that the city leads the country in the number of killings, with 9 in the past six months.

The report points out that the anticipated post-election spike in inter-racial violence, namely, non-Black on Black violence, was in fact, realized.

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is a national human rights organization who focuses on racial justice. Their call to action includes organizing the Black community for its own self-defense and building a “broad, mass movement capable of forcing the government to enact transformative legislation based on our demands. The fundamental transformative demand must be for a National Plan of Action for Racial Justice to eliminate institutional racism and advance the struggle for self-determination.” While the language seems from another era, so do the facts.

These killings, almost a quarter of them of mentally challenged and many more of unarmed individuals, often teens, are shocking. Not least of all because before this report, they’d never been connected nor covered by mainstream media.

View the entire report, complete with details of every killing, here.