Wendy Williams is reportedly divorcing her longtime husband, Kevin Hunter, after he allegedly impregnated his mistress.

A source close to the talk show host told lovebscott.com that Hunter’s mistress is ” allegedly pregnant and still living just down the street from their house. Word around the show is that they’re going to divorce sometime now that little Kevin has gone college.”

According to the gossip blog, sources close to Williams are worried that her husband’s alleged affair is stressing her out.

The broadcast personality  is reportedly “wobbly all the tie and has been cussing out Whoopi Goldberg behind-the-scenes— without Whoopi being anywhere near.”

The alleged peculiar behavior has sparked rumors that Williams is self-medicating to deal with her hurt.

“[People close to Wendy] suspect she might be self-medicating (either with opioids or prescription pills),” the source continued. “[The staff] is routinely having to adjust to her health issues — i.e. not walking out for the beginning of the show, zoning out during segments, etc. They’re really embarrassed about the whole situation.”

Williams’ health has been a topic of discussion for the past year. She addressed the struggles of living with Graves’ disease and has changed the set up of her eponymous show to allow her to sit to accommodate her health.

Earlier this week, she revealed that she fractured her shoulder.

Despite the increasing reports of an affair, Williams had not commented on her rumored divorce or if her husband is expecting a child with someone else. She has addressed her health and how it has affected her performance on the show.

“Whatever today’s performance was with the legendary The Lox, who said such nice things, I have no regrets and I appreciate everyone’s genuine concern for my wellness and care. I promise you a better Wendy in 2019,” she wrote.

Read her full statement below.