Politicker’s own Hunter Walker was live at the center of an interesting turn of events at Mitt Romney’s victory speech in Michigan. Natasha Loder, the Midwest correspondent for The Economist, was handcuffed and briefly detained after trying to listen to the Republican presidential candidate celebrate his win in his home state.

Loder and other reporters were put in a reporter’s stable, a separate room, during the speech, but when they realized that the room was broadcasting Romney’s speech with a slight delay, Loder tried to listen to the speech in real-time outside the room where it was happening. Private security tried to shut the door on Loder, but she asked to speak with a member of the Romney campaign, and was subsequently arrested for trespassing. After saying to the officer, “Look, I’m sorry, I just wanted to do my job,” Loder was allowed to go on her way.

As of writing this, the Romney campaign has not commented on the incident, but we must ask: Is this a one-time occurrence? Or, is this indicative of Mitt Romney’s feelings regarding the press and freedom of speech?