It’s no secret that people of color are often misrepresented on the big and small screens, limiting us to stereotypical storylines and negative portrayals. This not only affects how we see ourselves as individuals but how the world interacts with us as people, which commonly leads to adverse outcomes in real life circumstances. Simply put, representation matters! And though diversity in representation continues to be an uphill battle, modern-day media has made steps towards inclusivity.

Platforms like Netflix provide a cultural solace that reflects the melting pot that is America. Shows like Dear White People, Orange is the New Black, Chewing Gum, Master of None, One Day at a Time and The Incredible Jessica James insist that there is a space for us in this world and celebrates the necessity of cultural diversity in storytelling.

Team Ebony sat down with Netflix to talk about the intersection of identity and television, and the importance of diversity in media in #TheFirstTimeISawMe. Check it out below.