Congressman Allen West appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about Florida’s upcoming GOP primary, and had some interesting things to talk about. The retired United States army officer (who looks a lot like Martin Kendall from The Cosby Show), suggested that the candidates channel Ronald Reagan, and ask the nation if they’re better off now than they were three years ago.

Host Brian Kilmeade then asked the first African-American Republican congressman from Florida since 1876 about “race code” being used between Newt Gingrich and Juan Williams at the GOP debate last week in South Carolina. West responded “There is no race code. It’s a fact. Since President Obama has been in the Oval Office, you’ve seen a 41% increase in food stamp recipients in the United States of America. We have a President that is making more Americans victims than victors.”

While there is a debate to be had whether President Obama has done everything he can to help the poor—one thing’s for sure is that he is not a “food-stamp president”. Do you believe that there is a “race code” going on by the language being used in debates/speeches by the GOP? Will the Republican race bating help or harm them in the fall?