A radio advertisement in Arkansas encouraging Black voters to support a Republican Congressman French Hill in the upcoming elections has drawn criticism after claiming that “White Democrats will be lynching Black folk again.”

The political action committee Black Americans for the President’s Agenda paid for the ad and compared the hearing for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to a lynching, according to Buzzfeed.

In the ad, a woman says that Hill and Republicans “know that it’s dangerous to change the presumption of innocence to a presumption of guilt, especially for black men.”

“If the Democrats can do that to a white justice of the Supreme Court with no evidence, no corroboration, and all of her witnesses including her best friend say it didn’t happen, what will happen to our husbands, our fathers, or our sons when a White girl lies on them?” the woman continues.

“Girl, white Democrats will be lynching black folk again,” says a second woman

Many were quick to call out the advertisement, calling it racist for using racial stereotypes of Black women.

“What fresh hell racist tripe bullsh*t is this? How many Black Americans For The President’s Agenda are actually behind this? Disgusting throwing every angry black woman trope behind this. Garbage,” Twitter user mialynneb wrote.

The ad tells Arkansas voters to support Hill to “protect our men and boys.”

“We can’t afford to let white Democrats take us back to bad old days of race verdicts, life sentences, and lynchings when a white girl screams rape,” one of the women in the ad says.

Hill took to Twitter on Thursday and condemned the advertisement.

“I condemn this outrageous ad in the strongest terms. I do not support that message, and there is no place in Arkansas for this nonsense,” he tweeted.

Democrat Clarke Tucker, who’s running against Hill to represent Arkansas’ 2nd District, called the ad “shameful” and said that Hill “will have to live with the kind of campaign they’re running.”

Black Americans for the President’s Agenda’s co-founder Vernon Robinson told EBONY that he rejects the claim that the ad promotes racial stereotypes, doubling down on the message that White Democrats killed Black men and claimed that the Me Too movement believes that people should believe all accusers.

“Several people are shocked that White Democrats were named the culprits, but it’s a fact,” said Robinson. “Should we believe the accuser in Emmet Till’s case? That is very dangerous. It’s dangerous in 2018.”