The lines between good and evil were blurred in this week’s Shonda Rhimes Thursday. Lying, cheating and stealing were definitely on the menu, and did we get served last night!   

The artist formerly known as Saint Olivia Pope proved on last night’s episode of Scandal that she’ll do whatever it takes to get her way. She’s still concerned about Jake, and it’s weighing heavily on her mind that he may very well be innocent. She set up a meeting with Tom, the Secret Service turned B-613 agent who says Jake ordered him to kill Fitz’s son.

During their meeting, Tom gives Liv the read of a lifetime, calling her Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships. He says he sees why Fitz was so obsessed with her, and even admits to Liv that Fitz tried to kill himself when she broke things off. He ended his monologue with, “I could protect him from everything but you,” and boy was that deep.

Olivia didn’t forget she was there on a mission though; she wanted to know who ordered the hit on Fitz’s son. Tom stuck to his guns and said it was Jake. Olivia warned him that her father, command of B-613, no longer needs him and will have him killed. She warns that she’s the only one who can save him. He doesn’t listen, and by the end of the episode, Tom finds himself shanked by a prison guard. The real tea is, it wasn’t Olivia’s father that orchestrated the prison stabbing—it was Olivia herself.

And her plan worked, because she was able to get Tom to admit that it wasn’t Jake that ordered the killing of Fitz’s son… it was her dad. Needless to say, Fitz had to free Jake from jail. Not before he gave Olivia the best phone sex of her life, though. (If you DVR’d it, I suggest running that particular scene over and over and over.)

On How to Get Away With Murder, Annalise and the Keating 5 are still trying to get Rebecca off the hook for the murder of Lila Stangard. Rebecca doesn’t seem very bothered that she’s facing life in prison. In fact, she thinks Annalise is going to clean it up. What she doesn’t bank on is the prosecution starting a smear campaign, claiming on the local news that Rebecca was sleeping with Lila’s boyfriend when Lila found out.

Prosecutors also claimed that Rebecca left scratch marks on Lila’s neck during the struggle, and because of that, they want to dig up Lila’s body and perform another autopsy. The judge grants the autopsy, and luckily for Rebecca, the scratches found on Lila’s neck weren’t scratches at all, but ant bites. Unfortunately, the autopsy found something else that they missed the first time around. Lila was apparently six weeks pregnant—likely with Sam’s baby. Yes, that Sam. Annalise’s husband Sam.

There are just two episodes left of How to Get Away With Murder, and soon we’ll be finding out who has Sam’s dead body laying bloody on the living room floor. What's your guess?

Stephanie Ogbogu is a freelance writer who has been featured on ESPN, Anderson Cooper, USA Today, The New York Post, Huffington Post Live and more. Follow her at @eleven8 on Instagram and Twitter.